Your perfect event!

Before and during your event the perfect and professional planning and support is in the foreground. Our experienced banquet team will gladly take care.

There are 5 meeting rooms and 2 group rooms. The rooms are daylight-bright and ergonomic designed, variable for their respective requirements and technically meaningful equipped. An all-encompassing conference service completes the offer.


New hygiene regulations in hotels and gastronomy

Room sizes

Munich I 100 qm
Munich II 50 qm
Munich III  50 qm

These rooms can be combined 100 qm / 150 qm / 200 qm

Munich IV  80 qm
Munich V  60 qm

These rooms can be combined 140 qm

Group rooms sizes

Munich VI  20 qm
Munich VII  20 qm

We will be pleased to draw up a customized conference offer for you.